Make Your Unwanted Stumps Vanish

Count on us for stump grinding services in Ballinger or San Angelo, TX

Stumps are eyesores that cause problems in your yard. They can get in your way when landscaping, attract pests as they rot and cause unwanted regrowth. Brian's Tree Service, LLC can get rid of any stumps in your yard in Ballinger or San Angelo, TX. Our local stump removal services are focused on stump grinding, so we'll grind down your stump at least five inches below the surface of the ground.

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Why should you choose us for stump grinding?

When it comes to local stump removal services, you'll want our team on the job. We:

  • Know how to grind down stumps safely
  • Use a specialized stump grinding machine
  • Have over 16 years of experience
We'll take into account your home, cars, landscaping and irrigation system to make sure we don't cause any damage to your property. If you have any questions about our stump grinding services, reach out to us today.